FeniciaWellness has solutions for every surface, from larger, even outdoors, the vast indoor spaces, the smaller areas, where, however, offer their design expertise to hoteliers, allows you to build solutions of prestige and great features therapeutic and relaxing .

No problem of space, therefore, in every area FeniciaWellness can demonstrate competence and quality of construction of the well-being at a competitive cost, offering materials and processes, equipment and solutions with proven originality, invention and production of exclusive, proven responsiveness to the needs of more sophisticated customer.

Exclusive Environments

Each piece is a unique element that characterizes the environment. Give yourself the pleasure of combining styles, shapes, colors and materials to create an atmosphere...

Tech Light and Colors

Profound sensory experience that focuses on the individual and his desires, always unique and different. Sometimes words are unnecessary...

Why Wellness

For Feniciato the customer is central, and we work to maximize their investment by agreeing on goals, planning and timing of work.


A name, a program, a sudden emotions... It could not be more: Fenicia Charme, company of the hotel market, manufacture and supply rooms and common areas, lobby, reception, breakfast rooms and restaurants, meeting rooms, it shall furnish entire hotel ... And the SPA?


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