Why to invest on the "Wellness"

Departingh from the analysis of the sector interesting data that underlined them drive us in the choice of the wellness packet, or rather:

  • - Demanding clients more and more
  • - A complex sector and a more varying market
  • - The question of the comfort is in strong growth
  • - Wellness that from "plus" it becomes "must" for the clients
  • - To be unique and not comparable
  • - To diversify the proposed offer
  • - Don't make lever on the price but on the quality of the offered clients
  • - A centre comfort lengthens the seasonality
  • - It makes unique firm and therefore less comparable on the price.
  • - It can serve to canalize verse of itseft new clients
  • - From the increase of the hotel total price on every day of opening.
  • - From the increase of the daily and seasonal hotel occupation
  • - From the collections effected by the department beauty: threatments
  • - From the collections effected throught complementary services: solarim-sale produced of beauty
fenicia welnessBorder of profit on the billing of a wellness hotel
Border of profit on the billing of a wellness hotel


A name, a program, a sudden emotions... It could not be more: Fenicia Charme, company of the hotel market, manufacture and supply rooms and common areas, lobby, reception, breakfast rooms and restaurants, meeting rooms, it shall furnish entire hotel ... And the SPA?


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